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I lived with a disciplined, inspiring, honest and creative man during my second year of study at London School of Theology - Timo Scharnowski. He needs no fancy introduction or prompt, he's a friend and fellow thinker so I had to get some thoughts out of him on the long-lasting thread of artistic expression, that is music. We got into a plain studio that has a window of light a while ago and took some photos which I have re-processed with silhouette intentions. 

What is Music to you?

Music is sound in order. A sonical purpose. Sound waves that are filtered through melody, harmony and rhythm. To me music is, amongst many other things, a vehicle, a key, a teacher, an old friend, a drug and ultimately a sacrament.

How much has music helped you engage with God?

I believe that God has helped me in a very dark time in my life by using music combined with truth. It was and still is the medium which helps me to powerfully experience God. While music in and of itself does not make doctrinal statements, its power and, I believe, its mission are of divine dimensions.

If Music did not exist, what would be your alternative and why?

If music didn't exist I would be a different person today. It's been there from the very beginning, in my family and in my childhood dreams. Maybe my alternative would be something similar in essence - some way of creating and exploring - maybe writing... or gardening. Lol.

Hypothetically, if you could have your way, describe the role of music in the afterlife.

I believe that all the divine glimpses we perceive in this life through music, either consciously or subconsciously, will be fully unveiled and unleashed in whatever it is that is to come. Seeing God face to face (1 Cor 13:13) , the creator of creativity, and being in his unmediated presence sounds to me like the culmination of every single aesthetic experience, heck even of aesthetics itself. If every musical experience we ever had on earth was a chord 5 then music in the afterlife will be a chord 1.

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