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Cephas: Out of the crafts in the world, why photography?

Ash: For me, photography is about giving someone a piece of joy, something that makes them happy continually and thats why I like (specifically) wedding photography so much. To be able to deliver someone with a captured piece of time that makes them really happy... like really emotionally happy.

Kat: I think for me, I think its because I'm really intrigued by people, I really like people - interested in ways that people are different from each other and unique characteristics that people have. So for me, when you take photos of somebody, your challenge as a photographer is to trying and capture in a completely still, 2D medium, something about who that person is. When I manage that, it is so rewarding. That is why photography is what I enjoy spending my time doing. 

Cephas: What would you say is the form of your photographs? What is the process before you press that shutter?

Ash: Lots of different things. I think the overall answer is to tell a story. For us, it should almost be real life; whether it is captured in a very creative or innovative way, we really like to resemble real life. 

Kat: I also think that its important that, that person (in the photograph) recognises themselves in that photo. I don't mean simply recognising that 'its me' but they recognise their character. It is really easy if I take a picture of you right now that doesn't demonstrate in anyway who you are or I could take a picture where you'd say 'that looks like me' (the photograph representing their character in a frame). I don't know if you've done that but I've seen a photograph of myself and I don't think that looks like me - I am, me.. so I'm the one person that should be able to comment on that (photo). That is what we try and do. Capture an image that is recognisable by the person who is represented in it.

Ash: So I guess it is representing the person in their best form. The form they most like themselves in. 

Cephas: What inspires you?

Ash: This is going to sound cheesy... but LOVE inspires us. 

Kat: *laughs*

Ash: Since being married to Kat, I feel like I understand 'love' better and in fact photograph better. 

Kat: I think it all comes back to grace for us. I know not over spiritualise things but we love nature and photos that are in nature. And the reason that we love nature so much is because we see this amazing design that is true creativity. People and relationships are a part of that creation. We are basically inspired by creation and the fact that we are able to experience it.

Ash: Every single piece of creation that makes us feel a certain way... We love cold mountain tops and warm beaches and everything in between, and I think there is something that connects all that together.

Kat: You can have something in front of you that is so beautiful.. and its constantly trying to match up in the camera what you actually see in real life.

Ash: (What inspires us) is not just photography.. it can be interior design, a well made car, a lovely meal, a good movie or music. Anything that is art.

Cephas: If you were to choose another name for your brand what would it be?

Ash: c-photography...

*Everyone laughs hysterically*

Kat: We couldn't call it anything else because it is who we are.

Cephas: What about Ash n Kat's brilliant pics?

Kat: 'Kat is better than Ash'.com...

Cephas: What is an alternative use for a camera?

Ash: Weapon... doorstop, bookend, paperweight? 

Kat: Because we are in a shared house at the moment.. space is really tight so when we are working, they (cameras) are usually holding something up on the bookshelf.

Cephas: Lastly, if you couldn't do photography.. what other craft would you pursue and why?

Ash: FOOTBALLLLLL (sarcasm)

Kat: The greatest joy in taking photos for me is that it is hard and it doesn't come easily. So... ice skating or figure skating. It so difficult to do but looks so easy. That is photography in a nutshell.. looks really easy but its very hard and comes naturally to almost no one. You can have a good eye but ultimately you have to train yourself to be a good photographer.. Who's born an ice-skater? 

Ash: I've always like the idea of carpentry. Jesus did it. My brother is a carpenter. 

Cephas: Would you make a camera (out of wood)? 

Ash: Yeah... make it into a functioning wooden camera


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