Heritage Custom

Ryan Baker-Barnes saw the lack of good, bespoke, custom pedalboard builders in the UK and took on the mantle of delivering stunning products in that field. Without a doubt his craft is catching a lot of fire and it has become something bigger than he first anticipated. Using carpentry skills that his grandfather taught him as a foundation, Ryan builds and upholsters a prime pedalboard that is unique to the guitarist's needs - both aesthetic and functional. He is a man of quality, patience and excellence which is evident in every aspect of his work.

Conor (the really happy 19-year-old in these photos) is one of my best friends and a very talented musician and physics nerd. I love him. When Will (my videographer bae) and I found out he was getting a custom pedal board built we jumped at the opportunity to go document it. This is a story of his Heritage Custom Pedal Board.  

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