In the midst of the financial bubble that is Canary Wharf there are a few spaces that break up the concrete jungle. After shooting one afternoon, since I was in the area, I decided seek and find these spaces of calm. E14 is a funny balance of humans in smart attire, offices and construction workers in hardhats and bright orange jackets that actually add to the scene in this postcode. It is so good.

I love water.. not just to drink but to image. Whether the sea or a lake, it brings my heart to a stand still. However, I engage in water related activities seldom, in fact never. To stare or 'feast my eyes' at the brilliance of water and architecture is the primary reason I ventured. 

Constructions such as the O2, Lime Harbour, Millwall Docks and the general route of the DLR are a handful of spaces that I stumbled into - here are my findings, specific to E14.