'art is the signature of humankind'

Cephas is an aesthete. Passionate about truth, he articulates what is seen, simply and precisely. His photography advocates a clean, necessary and minimal approach; which is the theme of his craft and lifestyle. Besides taking photos, he is currently studying a Masters in Theology engaging with - the philosophy of art as a mode of expressing and knowing truth. 

Based in London, his work with images extends from travel to lifestyle whilst tasting and documenting coffee in various forms.  This patient journey has allowed collaborations and commissions with stunning brands, people and publications including the national press. Cephas is always looking to elaborate his life by working with new people and publications whilst sustaining a lasting relationship and producing content of superb quality.

Clients & Collaborations

Allegra Publications, Huffington Post

Farer Universal, Stutterheim, About Vintage, DefineADream, Voix London, I Am Handmade, Something More, Old Harry, Shore Projects, Handlewares

London Coffee Guide, London Coffee Festival,  UK Coffee Week, TimberYard UK

(photo taken by Dan Carter)